Monday, December 20, 2010


So I'll be along shortly with a full rundown of the rad RAMEN FEVER event of a few days back, but before that I had to pass along a cool little piece of ramen web miscellania that I received from my homie-4-lyfe Ryan over at Same Hat:

From the Twitter of the inimitable James Murphy of LCD Soundsytem:

Jiro ramen? Who knew this existed? Amazing. 7 minutes ago via txt

Now imagine this guy holding THIS bowl.

Homeboy knows What Is Up!


Quan said...

Can't wait for the full post on Ramen Fever, dude! Definitely good meeting you and sharing a few drinks (including all your pork) and Totto.

Anonymous said...

So will you ever write your piece on the ramen event of the Asia Society?

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