Thursday, December 23, 2010

筋が最もこってりに!(The plot thickens!)

I'm not generally a big one for the celebrity gossip here at Ramenate, but this followup to the last post about LCD Soundsystem@Ramen Jirô is too good to pass up. Apparently James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem wasn't at Ramen Jirô alone! A bit of Twitter clickage reveals that his partners in gruzzling crime were rather hilarious comedian Aziz Ansari and NYC food man of the moment David Chang.

Paper trail from Ansari's Twitter -

Tokyo Day 2: Got destroyed by jiro ramen and met a creepy pregnant man mannequin.

That's him standing next to what he is imagining himself to look like after eating at Jirô.

But it looks like there was a little bit of drama (James Murphy again) -

ps. @davidchang and @azizansari totally tried to ditch me to go to jiro. screw you jerks.

Does this mean they tried to go BACK to Jirô like true ramen freaks ready to destroy their bow(e)ls all over again? I wonder which one they went to?

Mad props to whoever tipped off this unlikely trio to the wonders of Jirô. But what I'm wondering is, if Asian food remake maestro Chang, who got his start with the ramen re-imagination (or desecration, depending on how you see it) Momofuku Noodle Bar was getting his Tokyo noodle on, does that mean that New York might be in store for - gasp, dare I even think it - Our own Ramen Jirô clone?

Monday, December 20, 2010


So I'll be along shortly with a full rundown of the rad RAMEN FEVER event of a few days back, but before that I had to pass along a cool little piece of ramen web miscellania that I received from my homie-4-lyfe Ryan over at Same Hat:

From the Twitter of the inimitable James Murphy of LCD Soundsytem:

Jiro ramen? Who knew this existed? Amazing. 7 minutes ago via txt

Now imagine this guy holding THIS bowl.

Homeboy knows What Is Up!

Monday, December 13, 2010

For Those of You in New York...

If you read my Big Update of a couple of posts back, you know that Ramenate has resituated himself in New York City, from whence posting will continue as usual. If you're lucky enough to live in the city so nice they named it twice, then you should definitely come check out an exciting ramen-themed event later this week.

This Thursday, December 16th, the Asia Society is hosting an event entitled (what else?) RAMEN FEVER. Both ramen and fever keep you warm in wintertime right? Beginning at 6:30, there will be a panel featuring my ramen blogger buddy Rameniac, New York ramen scene mainstay Shigeto Kamada (of Minca and Kambi), as well as several food editors and journalists. Following the panel will be a ramen cooking demonstration and tasting. I understand there will also be beer, which is always a plus. Though, apparently due to the beer, you have to be 21 to get in, so be aware and bring your ID.

Full info for the event, which is sponsored by the New York-Tokyo group, check out:


I myself will not be presenting (this time around), but Ramenate will most certainly be in attendance, so if you can make it out say hi. Look for the 5'7" guy with glasses, sideburns, and a checked shirt.

Hope to see some of you there! For those who can't make it, I'll post up a report afterwards to look forward to. I'm always glad to see noodles get their due.