Monday, April 12, 2010


Passover just passed us by, so maybe it would be an appropriate time to modify one of the age-old questions associated with the matzah party. Ask not "why is this night different from all other nights", but "how is this Bassanova bowl different from all other Bassanova bowls?"

I've eaten at Bassanova plenty of times at this point, but this time was different. This is the first bowl I had at Bassanova since my good buddy Keizo started working there! I first met my fellow ramen bloggers Keizo and Brian just about a year ago, and the very first bowl we ate together was at Bassanova. Little could I have known that only a number of months later I'd still be sitting at that same counter...while Keizo stood behind it, prepping my ramen!

After interning at Ivan Ramen, Keizo recently moved down the road to Bassanova. Another great story of a valued customer learning the tricks of the trade, Keizo is now literally living out his dream at his favorite ramen shop in the world. When head cook Harada-san had to head home to Fukuoka, he tapped Keizo to take over the shop. It brings me great happines to see my buddy doing exactly what he wants to do. And it doesn't hurt that Bassanova's ramen rocks!

The other thing that makes this Bassanova bowl different is that every other time I've eaten there I've always ordered the spicy Thai-style green curry ramen, but this time I opted for the even more fusion-y Tom Yum ramen, which is allllllmost as tasty, but I have to give my personal edge to the green curry, since it's just a bit spicier and I'm a sucker for thick noodles. But make no mistake, this is a great bowl you're not gonna find anywhere else in the city...or the world, for that matter.

The other nice thing about having a buddy behind the counter is being able to hang out and have a few beers, chat a bit, read some comics, and order a tasty snack of rice topped with gried onions, seaweed and a nice gooey egg. It doesn't hurt that Bassanova keeps a good soundtrack going all night. Even if I wasn't biased, I'd still tell you not to miss Bassanova - it's a delicious, unique shop with a great vibe and great noodles. Be sure and say hi to Keizo if...I mean WHEN you go!


Unknown said...

darn it, i just got back from tokyo. Wished i'd read this last week, i would have popped by!!!

Nate said...

@oliver - i guess then you've got no choice but to come back soon!

Unknown said...

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