Monday, January 11, 2010

らーめん一兆 (Ramen Iccho)

I had just polished off a fatty boom batty bowl of Ramen Jirô in Ogikubo, then drank some of the best beer I ever did taste following my buddy Junior Ken's stompin' blues show with the impressive Samm Bennett. But when Ken and company suggested a quick bowl before last train, who was I to say no?

One of Ken's favorite local shops in his hood of Asagaya is Ichô, and his picks thus far had been excellent, taking me to Kôkaiya and Seiya on past outings. We had tried to eat at Ichô on a few other occasions, but the master's got a bad back and the shop tends to be closed at weird hours. Today the apprentice was behind the counter, so we were in luck.

It was quite the party atmosphere inside, being a few days before the New Years holidays, and a couple of rounds of lime sour cocktails went around. So much for that last train...

I got the kuro goma tantanmen (Chinese-style noodles in black sesame soup), and it was just the thing for absorbing the booze in the belly. If you're giving me black sesame anything, it doesn't take a lot to get me on board. The big cuts of bok choy were great, especially since when you eat as much ramen as I do, you don't tend to get all your veggies. Do onions count?

The soup was sweet with sesame, but a bit overly salty. Ken suspects that the young trainee doesn't have quite the same balanced holistic vision of the bowl that the regular head cook does. My tastebuds were past differentiation at this point. Maybe not a gourmet slurp, but the good slurp is the one that gives you what you need, and my body was craving sodium.

These guys didn't seem too disappointed either. Here's to hoping the master's back heals!


Erie said...

No gorillapod yet, huh?

Jaradcel said...

*delurks* Hey Nate, I'll be in the Tokyo/Saitama region from teh 24th of Jan to the 23rd of Feb. Would love to meet up with you and hear your views on ramen! (Well that, and I think having a bona fide ramen guy giving me the skinny on all this good stuff sounds good) Do drop me a line if you wanna meet up!

Nate said...

hey jaradcel, sorry for the late reply, im in korea right now, getting down with some ramyun rather than ramen. i should be around during part of the period youre in town, so drop me a line after youve settled into town.

Jaradcel said...

Hey Nate. Looks like the travel plans got canned. I got picked for the JET interview!

Had to cancel the flight and all that, but we'll see how that 'view goes. If I don't feel good walking out of that door, I'm fixing up my flight again (Heading to Tokyo to look for a job. Yeowch) In the meanwhile, keep on with the eating! I'm enjoying the food tons and tons man.

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