Friday, January 22, 2010

A Quick Check In from the Road...

Posts have been a bit sporadic of late, but have no fear fellow ramenmenandwomen! I'm currently in the midst of a short trip to South Korea, and regular posting will resume soon. I chose to pass on trying any K-style renditions of Japanese "ramen", but I did have a few tasty bowls of Korean ramyun!

They do stuff here with packaged noodles that would blow your minds (...and tastebuds...and lower intestines!) I'll post those up when I get back, but if you can't wait to expand your own noodle, why not check out a couple old posts about past noodling adventures elsewhere in Asia?

-Journey to the Heartland of the Noodle in Muslim Xinjiang!

-Drool over the Knife-Cut Noodles of Shanxi!

-Experience Total Noodle Overload in Ningxia!

-Gasp in Horror at the Slop Served on Mainland Chinese Airlines!

See y'all soon!

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