Thursday, December 17, 2009

割と重要なお知らせ (Kind of a Major Announcement)

So, as you may have noticed, "Waseda Ramen" is no longer. But have no fear, the site isn't going anywhere. If anything I've upped my ramen consumption, and not given up. When I first started this blog, I was living in Waseda and my primary goal was to eat at every shop in the area. I don't know if I ever made it through every last one of the nearly 100 shops around Takadanobaba, but I came damn near close, and towards the end it became harder and harder to drag myself to the last remaining cheap-looking shops, and I began turning my energy elsewhere.

In the past I marked all the bowls outside the immediate vicinity, as "Beyond Baba", but if you've been following the blog, you might have noticed that the tag fell by the wayside a few months back. At this point, most all of the bowls I'm eating are spread broadly over the city, and so the focus of the site ceased to be "Waseda Ramen" as such.

To reflect this shift (and because let's face it, Waseda Ramen isn't such a catchy moniker), I decided to rechristen the blog Ramenate! The new URL is now , but and all related links will automatically redirect. Brian, Keizo, and I have been pushing each other to ever higher levels of ramen mania, so I figured I'd get with the program and shell out for my own domain name. This whole ramen thing is getting a bit more serious.

In terms of content, things should stay largely the same. I'll keep on posting overly long, soliloquizing reviews of ramen shops featuring noodle pornography, more information than you wanted to know, and scads of non-sequitorious pop culture images and references. There may be a very basic site redesign down the road - I'm getting pretty sick of looking at this blue template, but I also have no idea how to use a computer, so it'll probably just be a matter of snazzing up the basic Blogger frames. I'm also still working on a Google map of Tokyo ramen eateries, so once that gets a little more populated I'll have it up and linked on the site.

Hopefully there will be more exciting ramen related news to share in the future. So, you keep reading, I'll keep eating!

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Erie said...

So does that make you the ruminating ramenater? Or simply the ruminating ramenate.