Sunday, August 2, 2009

重要な?知らせ (Important [?] Update)


A couple of changes going down these days, and some of them are going to have effects on the blog, so I thought I would keep y'all posted.

The primary thing going on is that, effective today, I am moving out of Waseda and into a new neighborhood. But fear not! This is by no means the end of Waseda Ramen. I am going to be staying at Waseda University continuing my research for a further year and change, and I fully intend to keep up both my quest and the blog for the duration. By my current count, I have about 20 shops to go (out of a total of maybe 100) in the area I originally defined as the greater Takadanobaba / Waseda ramen zone, and I'll continue to eat through those shops while I commute to school; there are always new shops opening, and I'll do my best to keep abreast (abowl?) of those as well.

But there's a catch. I won't have regular internet access at my new apartment. Which means that those of you who eagerly await every post on my rapid posting schedule (ha!) may go through withdrawal symptoms. It'll take time to figure out the logistics, but I'm guessing the most likely turn of events is that I'll probably only upload posts to the web once a week or so, but will likely upload 2 or 3 posts at a time. I understand there is a thing called "RSS." I do not know what that stands for or how it works, but it may behoove those of you who do to employ it when reading the blog in the future.

My new place is in an area called Araiyakushimae (which no one has heard of or can pronounce), near Nakano (home of the inimitable Taco Che), just a few kilometers west of my current location. I have no doubt that if I renamed the blog Araiyakushimae Ramen I would lose all my readers instantly; I'll probably come up with a new tag designation to indicate shops in my new 'hood. It's a whole new (old) world of ramen out there! I also plan to add maps (or perhaps one big map) so that anyone in Tokyo can actually find all these places I'm talking about. Realistically, however, that could be a while.

So, brief wrap up:

- I am moving, the blog is not.
- Updates will be less frequent, but bigger.
- Ramen is an extremely delicious food.

Keep on slurpin'!


J said...

Jay from Kyoto here. Lovely blog, started subscribing a couple of months ago.

Had a look at your blog and found that you used to live here. It's too bad you didn't have a Kyoto ramen blog.

Felt compelled to comment because I have to ask where did you get that funky ramen-eating metal thing in your profile!?

Cheers and keep on slurping.

Nate said...

Jay - you caught me ten minutes before I shut down my internet connection. I did indeed live in Kyoto, but back then I'm not sure blogs even existed yet. I'd love to hear about some great places if you want to post any finds you make in the comments; I go back to visit old friends every once and a while.

The funky metal thing - I actually don't own it, but found it on a shelf in Kitarô ( and snapped a pic. Presumably it's still there...

J said...

Have a good move! I know how much a pain in the arse it can be but if you hire a decent company it should make it fairly smooth sailing as far as getting from old place to new place is concerned.

Well, this isn't ramen but if you happen to be in Kyoto again try out this Izakaya called ここら屋。They've got a website and have a shop in 木屋町. Excellent food, and you can always close with Miyoshi which is 5 minutes away ;D

Cheers mate!

Keizo Shimamoto said...

Good luck with the move! That's pretty close to my bro's. Well, sort of...I think. Anyway, I'll see you soon!

Ryan S said...

You can take the man out of Takadanobaba, but you can never take the Takadanobaba out of a man...?

Good luck with the move, congrats on finding a new place-- sounds like a more relaxing and humane place to live. And now you're even closer to tacoCHE when I come to visit you, yay.

Not sure if you want to do it this way, but Blogger has a feature to set a publication date for a post in the future... so you could load in 3 posts at once, but have time-release posting so each one comes out every other day or so... just a thought!

Talk to you more soon and keep up the good work!

Nate said...

@Keizo - yeah's closer to your bro's...sorta. There are so many OG tokyo-style shôyû shops out here I gotta hit up. Crazy atmosphere! When are you coming out here next again?

@Ryan- thanks dogg. i may just do that. i've been slacking on posting since i am still moving furniture, but i'm sure i'll do a whole grip sometimes in the next few days...

nezume said...

What is the cheapest grocery store/supermarket in the Takadanobaba/Waseda area?

Nate said...

@ryan - hmm...i actually didnt go to the supermarket all that often - too busy eating ramen! the basic one is santoku, but its a little pricey. theres also daimaru peacock near baba station, though i dont know if its much cheaper...